Abbott Mama – Pregnancy, Baby, and Childhood Nutrition

Nourishing a Bright Future

One of Life's Greatest Miracles

Mom's nutrition and health during pregnancy are profoundly connected to the health and development of her baby. Get a head start.


Healthy Eating, Healthy Minds

For most infants, feeding comes naturally. Others may need a little help from Mom, but breast milk is the optimal food for your infant.

Food for Thought

Food preferences are established early in life. To help your child develop a taste for healthy foods, offer variety to capture their interest.

Energize Their Diet

In this age group, individuality develops. Preschool children are more sophisticated eaters and are well aware of their food preferences.

Making Smart Choices

As children get older they gain more freedom. During these years, you and your child lay the foundation for a lifetime of their good health.

Science That Gives Your Child a Head Start

For more than 100 years, Abbott has combined nutritional science with advanced technology. Learn more about our innovations and how they can benefit your child.

Products That Meet Your Child's Needs

Abbott is behind some of the world's most trusted names in formulas and other nutritional products for children.

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